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This Book Makes a Great Holiday Gift

For those who don’t know what to get for their siblings or friends as a holiday gift, I recommend the book best strength training book out there. If you think about it, it’s one of those gifts that “keep on giving” when they really start getting serious about their training. Maybe when they start the routine and compare their physique with before and after pictures, they’ll thank you tremendously for putting them on the right path. Of course, it can be a bit awkward and they may take it as an insult especially if they don’t lift any weights or train in the first place, so watch out for those situations. 🙂 Just a thought!

2 Responses to “This Book Makes a Great Holiday Gift”

  1. jing Says:

    nice blog! and I have a question. I was wondering how much should I run per day(workout and non-workout day)? Is running 3 miles on a non-workout day too much and would it intervene on muscle growth?


  2. Saro Says:

    Hello and thank you!

    For general cardio, you can run 3 times per week but only on your non-training days. If you can’t manage to run on your off days, then I would say run after your training but don’t overdo it: a simple light 20 to 30 minute jog would work real well. Rippetoe says that you shouldn’t really worry about cardio even if you’re a big guy. Lifting weights with this program will eventually add on a lot of muscle “replacing” fat, so don’t deal with cardio too much. If you notice after a few days that you’re having trouble lifting weights or you get too tired during your workouts, turn down the cardio by a notch as it’s likely affecting your training, or stop running completely.

    Now, in my opinion, I’d definitely go for a nice 30 min jog on my off days as it’s excellent for your heart. Just so you know, I have been jogging after my training days and it hasn’t affected my workouts. Mind you, I have been doing this program for more than a year now so my body is pretty good at recovery.

    I hope this answers your question. Happy training!

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