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Recommended DVD for Strength Training

Looks like there is a great DVD out there for beginners in strength training. Mark Rippetoe did it again, and this time heĀ released a Starting Strength DVD to teach everyone out there on the core lifts. If the book wasn’t interesting enough for you, then check out the DVD. Mind you, you should still pick up the DVD to further gain knowledge in the world of strength training even if you read all his books. I know I will be picking this up for sure. Amazon currently has the item listed, but low on stock. Update: it’s back in stock.

2 Responses to “Recommended DVD for Strength Training”

  1. stef Says:

    The DVD can be purchased directly from Rip at
    Might even have his fingerprints on it, if he’s speeding up shipping that day.

  2. Jimmy Says:

    It’s a shame you don’t update this blog more often. There are tonnes of people out there who are into strength training now who would love to read it.

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