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My name is Saro and I’m a fan of strength training. I have been “weight lifting” for the past five years and have only truly begun to maximize my gains by following the correct strength training routine in the past few months (as of 2007). Read on to learn more about me, the author of this site.


I’m your typical male living in Montreal, Quebec. I have completed college (referred to as “CEGEP” here in Montreal) in Computer Science. I started lifting weights in my first year of CEGEP (2002). Before that, I was extremely unhealthy in high school and did not really look after myself. I drank numerous amounts of cola, ate junk food regularly and decided to despise fruits and vegetables. Miraculously, I did not gain massive amounts of weight (thanks to my fast metabolism) but I didn’t feel good and that was a problem. So, after consulting a few friends who were into training regularly, they lead me on to the right path and got me lifting weights. I frequented my local gym (Monster Gym) regularly and noticed an increase in my overall mood to the better. My physique started to change and for the first time in my life, I had muscles! (I can hear the laughs out there).

Why I Started This Site

Almost everyone who has lifted weights in their lives claims to know how to do it properly, but the fact of the matter is that serious training is not something everyone truly knows about. I see a lot of people making mistakes at the gym, either by reading a magazine that states lies such as the latest and “quickest ways to get a six pack for the summer” or inquiring a friend who supposedly knows about training the correct way even though they have no idea behind the discipline of weight training. I started this website because I want to inform the rookie (a newcomer to training) who simply wants to train and get strong without all the useless bullshit that stems from the “fitness” magazines. This site is targeted to the trainee who is completely lost when it comes to strength training and has absolutely no clue on where to begin. No prior weight lifting or training experience is needed to begin a strength training routine.

Please note that this site has nothing to do with Mark Rippetoe, Lon Kilgore or The Aasgard Company. The opinions and reviews mentioned on this site are not sponsored or endorsed by said parties. All the content on this site is only a detailed journey of a beginner starting a strength training program.