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The Diet

This section is still being written and revised. Stay tuned!

Since you are on a strength training program, proper nutrition is an extremely important factor (when is it not when it comes to weight lifting?). Following this routine, you should be taking in a lot of protein, such as meat, eggs, milk and fish. According to weight lifters everywhere, you should be taking in a gram of protein (1g) per pound (1lb) of body weight. What you want is good quality food/calories in your body and not junk food. You can have your McDonalds hamburgers, your weekly pizza with your friends and eat out every now and then, but you should really consider eating clean healthy foods for a lean bulk/body. Get rid of the candy, soda and chips and start eating a lot of meat. Steak, ground beef, fish, chicken, etc. are your best friends in world of weightlifting. Remember that weight lifting makes you strong and eating makes you big. But you don’t want to be big as in fat! Proper nutrition along with heavy lifting is what results in someone becoming big with strong muscles.

Keep in mind that you don’t make muscles in the gym: working out simply ‘shreds’ your muscles. Recovery is when your muscles start to rebuild themselves using the nutrients in your body. When you lack the proper nutrients, you can’t make good, strong muscles.

Here is a short overview of the type of foods you should be eating throughout the day. Instead of having 3 square meals a day, try splitting it up into 5-6 periods.

In The Mornings

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, hands down. Eating breakfast will give you sufficient energy to start right and pretty much make your overall day a pleasant one. Skipping breakfast is never recommended. If you skip this meal of the day, you might as well stop training now because you will be wasting your time.

Foods such as whole wheat, oats, cereals (non-sugary ones!), eggs, milk, toast, bread and fruits are highly recommended. Eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates to have enough fuel to last until lunch time.

Consuming fruit juices such as apples, grapes and oranges (Vitamin C) are encouraged along with your breakfast.

Before Lunch

Before having your lunch, have a snack or two. Protein bars, energy shakes/drinks and fruit are great to keep your energy levels up. Tuna and peanut butter sandwiches can be considered light snacks.


Lunch should consist of a lot of protein and carbohydrates, such as skinless chicken and potatoes. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with a banana also make a decent lunch for people on the run. Have some spaghetti with your favourite toppings (such as meat or seafood) and stay away from junk foods! Tuna sandwiches with mayonnaise is also acceptable.

After Lunch

From lunch to your workout, you should have a light snack or two. It can consist of small light sandwiches rich with proteins (tuna) or a small salad.

Before Working Out

Before your workout begins, you should be loaded with carbohydrates (most of it should come from the foods you have been eating throughout the day) to stay energized throughout your workout. Do not have a heavy meal before going to the gym or else you will have stomach pains and quite possibly become very sick

If you take creatine, consuming it now is a great option and probably the best time to do so (45 minutes to an hour before your workout).

During Your Workout

Consume a lot of water and natural juices. You can also consume EAA/BCAAs and creatine here if you wish to do so.

After Working Out

This is when you should be taking in enough protein to satisfy your muscles’ demands for optimum recovery. There is a two (2) hour window after your workout that opens up your body into taking protein efficiently, so I suggest you use this period wisely as it is a key role in muscle recovery. If you do not sufficiently feed your body after the workout period, you will be hurting your gains, not to mention the current ones.


Dinner should not be heavy. I would personally stay away from carbohydrates during this time and simply have a light protein dinner such as a chicken salad. Consuming carbohydrates at this point is at your own suggestion as you do not want to have trouble sleeping before bedtime arrives.