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Always consider discipline over chemicals!

This section is presently stalled as it would take quite a time to write about every supplement out there. For now, please take a look at pogue’s Sports Supplements Guide for Beginners.

The supplements industry is a multi-billion dollar one and truthfully, one can do without them in their dietary regime. Almost all the supplements you can buy off a store’s shelf can be substituted by eating the right kind of foods. But there comes a time where one does not have sufficient amount of time during a day to consume all the necessary nutrients, or maybe this said person does not enjoy the foods he is eating. Whatever the case, supplements exist and they’re out there for everyone’s taking. Before we dive into what works and what doesn’t, please note that I am not a dietary expert and the advice I give you on the following pages are not to be considered medical advice. With that said, read on!


If there is one supplement you should be taking, it is a protein one. Whey protein is an excellent source and highly recommended to any trainer. Simply put, your muscles crave it especially after you “rip” them apart during your training. Muscle recovery thrives on protein, and prohibiting them from it will result is loss of your gains and time. Having a nice protein shake after your workouts is encouraged.


A supplement usually seen negatively, creatine still carries a wide load of myths to this day, usually by people who have no idea what this stuff does to begin with. I have decided to dedicate a page solely on explaining what creatine is.

Pro-hormones, Testosterone Boosters & Nitric Oxide

Don’t bother with this crap. Trust me.