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The Power Clean

Usually associated with the Olympics (whenever I think about it, anyway) the power clean is a wonderful exercise to improve explosive strength and power. The way I see it, the power clean combines the main four exercises (squat, bench, deadlift and press) as a way to gauge and improve your overall explosive strength throughout your body. I find it is a vital exercise to increase strength and consider it my favourite exercise of all-time.

The power clean is often regarded as an advanced training exercise unsuitable for most people. Newcomers to training will never attempt to power clean for several reasons, and I believe they are:

  1. It looks complicating and highly intimidating at first glance,
  2. Most gyms do not carry the necessary equipment (plastic weights) and safety mats, including
  3. The space required for Olympic style lifting is pretty large and most gym owners do not want to see space wasted in their facility, and finally
  4. There is no one to teach them the proper way to do a power clean.